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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pu'u Kalena

Trek- Sunday, March 4, 2013

Pu'u Kalena is one of my favorite scenic hikes.  But then again, I tend to say that to every hike I go on.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous views!!!

I was able to join Agnes's hike to do Pu'u Kalena with Janice, Noe, Erik, and Gerwin.  It was a fun and long day.  The hike is about 5 miles and it took us about 7-8 hours due to our amount of stops to take gorgeous photos of Lualualei valley and of Central Oahu.  And don't forget the wonderful views of the Waianae mountains we were on!  Sexy ridge was the highlight of the day.

This is an advanced hike because it involves crossing two naked skinny ridges with some rock scrambling.  Majority of the hike involved following the fence to Kalena.

It first started us ascending up a hill and then going up an eroded red dirt hill. Then we scrambled upon the two naked ridges and followed the fence.  There are about three or four ups and downs, but its not as bad.  The last two will take awhile because of how steep and long it is.  Since we we're on the Waianae side, the hike was pretty dry for the most part.

We all met at the end of Kolekole road pass by 8:30 am and started about 8:45 am.

This is where we parked.  Behind from where I shot this picture is where we started the hike.  This picture shows Hapapa's trailhead.

After just a few minutes going up, looking back already had us in awe with the views.  Who knew how beautiful the Waianae mountain range could be.

The red dirt section we had to scramble up.  Its very crumbly.  Erik actually fell since a small mound broke loose as his weight was on it.

Janice soaking in the view.

After furthering ourselves up, we then reached two sketchy naked ridges that are quite narrow.

There was one part of the first naked ridge where I had to crawl on.  Going back, I had to crabwalk it because it was so narrow.  But most of the naked ridges aren't too bad...its pretty wide enough.  Just have to be careful when its windy.

We kept looking back because of the views.  Here is Kolekole pass on the bottom right (the hill) and also Lualalei military base.

A better view.  Kolekole pass on the bottom left.  The two mounds near top center right is Pu'u o Hulu.  The left ridge is Haleakala.  This is all of Lualualei Naval Reservation.

Sexy ridge time!  This was my favorite part.  Luckily it was cloudy at the time we all took turns posing on this ridge, which at that time it wasn't hot and the photos wouldn't have harsh lighting.  This is a side trail once finishing the two naked ridges.  Its very narrow so we all had to be very careful.  Mostly people go on top the rock to the right behind me, but it was too scary for me.

Sexy ridge.

Uncle Jay and Thomas caught up with us when we were at sexy ridge for their trek from Scholfield barracks-Kalena-Ka'ala-Kamaileunu.  Rabbits I tell ya.  Here is Uncle Jay pointing towards Ka'ala to Thomas.  Kalena is directly in front of Thomas.  At this point, our group exchanged goodbyes as they continued their rabbit pace up the mountain.

We followed the fence up to the summit.  We eventually made it in the Waianae valley area.

The final stretch to Kalena.  It led to a much more beautiful open view of Waianae.

 Break time.

Yep, break time alright.

Heading back out.

Pau.  It was a beautiful yet long hike indeed.  Coming back out had the sun shining on us making the exit trek dry and hot. We all were hungry and quiet as we made ourselves our cars.  We then ate at Don Yangs for lunch/dinner.  I don't mind coming back on this hike.  Thats if the destination is only to sexy ridge hehe.

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