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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Kauai Day 4

Sunday March 25, 2018

We actually ended up sleeping in the Yurt one last time.  We all had a late bedtime since we didn't arrive at Camp Kumu till around 8pm last night.  When I woke up, I noticed half the crew was gone.  The door was open and I saw a clear morning sky, painted with orange and yellow.  FINALLY, IT WAS NOT RAINING.  I grabbed my camera and joined them on the beach to capture the glorious sunrise.

The yurt,

Makaleha Falls
We cooked breakfast, finalized our packing, and then all rode in the van one more time to do our last hike of the trip: revisit Makaleha falls.  This time the conditions were better than the day before.  The water was so clear, but still flowing well!  I was able to see more rocks since the last time the water level was so high.

Last breakfast,  (PC: Erik)

It took us awhile to get to the junction as we thought we were lost since we were on the wrong side of the trail according to the Adventure Guide Kauai book.  There were bamboo sections we went through and we saw a cool waterfall that was flowing to our left which Baron said that rarely flows.

Side waterfall,
Different angle of same waterfall,

We had to climb a little when following the stream,

When we finally reached the main junction, we all stopped and just gazed at the back valley walls from afar.  There were 4 ribbon waterfalls!! 

Just a glimpse of 1 waterfall out of the 4

We all were excited and decided to hit the right fork.  In less than 20 minutes, we made it to a gorgeous 2 tiered waterfall.  At first the walls of the waterfall reminded me of sacred falls back on Oahu.  I was happy to see this one waterfall because it was in its greatest conditions: clear water, more than usual flow, and flowing on a clear sunny day!  We took a group photo and hele'd on out.  We decided to head out due to our restricted time schedule since we wanted to make sure to get to the airport on time.

Right fork waterfall,

There were some local guys hiking in and one of them told us to take the left side trail since its easier.  I want to say it was probably a little harder due to all the dense hau we had to maneuver through.  It was like a jungle gym! Sometimes the Hau was so high off the floor we were just climbing/walking on the Hau.  It was actually pretty fun, I know I worked on my upper body strength from that.

Hau junglegym,  (PC: Bernice)

9:20am- Start hike
10:10am - Reached side falls
11:05am- Junction
11:20am- Waterfall
1:45pm- Back at van

We ate at Duane's Ono Char Burger since it was in the same town as Camp Kumu: Anahola.  Waiting for the food took quite long, however I think that was typical Kauai pace, but the burgers were amazing!

After, we went back to Camp Kumu to change clothes and reorganize our packs into both rental cars.  We were 3 hours early at the airport.  While waiting near the gate, Erik took a nap, while me and the others talked stories/joked around.

We took a bunch of group selfies at the gate and in the airplane.  Bernice, Darren, and Jana were chatting up a storm along with laughs during the plane ride while Erik, Daniel, and I were trying to make like we didn't know them haha.

Group Selfieee  (PC: Daniel)

Another one!

My brother picked me, Erik, Darren and Jana up after landing in HNL.  We all said our goodbyes to the rest of the crew.

I don't know what to say about this trip.  It was bittersweet I guess.

I'm writing these entries 4-5 days after the trip and the weather has been sunny clear!! It bothered me that we didn't see any view at all besides Makaleha during our days in Kauai.  All I know is we will fly back and actually backpack Kalalau/see the magical views up in Kokee.


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